Upgrading Acer Acpire V3 notebook

I’ve got an old Acer Acpire V3-371. The notebook is not bad and the price was good when I bought it but unfortunately it was shipped with 1GB HDD produced by Western Digital. The HDD works on 5400 RPM which is a problem because when you do something with files or system upgrade then the notebook becomes completely unusable. Another problem is the lack of memory. The notebook came with only one 4GB DDR3 memory bank and this combined with the slow HDD drive makes the device very annoying at times.
So last week I bought one additional 4GB DDR3 memory bank and 480GB SSD produced by AData.

Then I installed the new components which was easy and straightforward. Here I will explain how you can do the same.

We’ll start removing the screws from the back panel

Then carefully remove the panel unclipping all the clips. I used a screwdriver for that purpose.

Now you can see the additional and still empty memory slot and the slow WD HDD.

At that point to replace the hard drive with the new SSD drive you will have to remove these three screws. Then it’s easy, just add the SSD, put the screws on places and then add the new memory bank to the slot

Return the back panel on it’s place and your are done.